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Interesting read on Atlanta paragraph - Dline (Dorsey)


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Diner news: Teams that need a personnel boost

Oct. 15, 2009

By Michael Lombardi

National Football Post

I always talk about teams making 10 player moves -- some big, some small -- from the time camp starts and into the season to improve and get them over the top. Now, as we get closer to the trading deadline, we've focused on what players might be traded -- but what do teams that have a chance to make a legitimate run have to do?

Four clubs -- the Giants, Vikings, Saints and Colts -- look like complete teams, and their success will be tied to staying healthy and having their best players continue to play their best. So there's not much they can do right now to improve their chances. But there are several other teams that need to try to do something to separate themselves from the pack. If your favorite team isn't listed below, then it's my belief they're playing for next year, no matter what trade they make.

Here's a breakdown

Atlanta: The Falcons need a ton of help on defense, especially on the defensive line, but I doubt they can swing a deal. They loved Glenn Dorsey of the Chiefs when he came out of LSU, and some in the organization even preferred him over their own quarterback, Matt Ryan. Even if they still love Dorsey, it would be hard to think a trade could be worked out. Dorsey was a high pick, and I can't imagine the Chiefs parting with him for less than a first-rounder. I also can't imagine anyone paying that high a price.

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