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Positional Grades So Far...


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So, average everyone's grades together and I think that gives a fairly reasonable grade. I think we have done well, however in our first game our O struggled, in our second our D struggled, in our loss, we all struggled, so on average I think we're a little lower than some are grading. I think there are some definite C's out there. Keep in mind C is average. In this league we're gonna have some areas that are just average and that's okay. I like the B- grade for some, but let's face it, we haven't been that stellar during the season as a whole. I don't consider the first 2 games and our loss as very good games. We won the two, but as mentioned before probably averaged a C or B- as a team....that means some positions slipped into D range during those games...

Anyway, just my two cents.

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QB's * B+

I give matty Ice a B+, he's done a great job w/ the no huddle, and reading routes obviously, but then again we all expected our offense to be more fluent than what we've seen so far. I'm kind of dissapointed and skeptical that we can keep up with the aints.

RB's: B-

Turner needs to get a grip on his fumbling problem, otherwise he's been good. Snelling has also been a pleasant surprise, but its injury prone Jerious norwood that brings the grade down.

WR's * A-

Jenkins has been playing good, and roddy has caught up to speed finally. Booker, and finneran have been playing pretty good but are having TDs calling back due to some ******** reffing.

TE's * A +

Gonzales has been his HOF self.

OL * A

Those guys are mean, nasty, and relentless.


LB's * A:

Lofton and Peterson have been dominant, and Nicholas hasn't been too shabby either.

DB's * D+

C-urse houston's head is allergic to turning and as a result he can be passed on by an armless Quarterback, Grimes has been excellent but is vertically challenged and can't finish tackles. Brian williams adds veteran leadership and immense experience obviously,

FS * A-

Decoud has been a pleasant surprise so far, and is finally starting to cause TO's.

SS * C

Coleman has been OK in his new job, he has missed on some coverages and schemes.

DL * C+

Our DE's are fine, but our DT can safety atm be watched w/o making your eyes bleed. We actually Stopped the run for 2 games straight, I know!

Sp Teams:


One of the best in league.

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