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Boudreau's Bunch

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I love Boudreau and I love this line!

When we went to Roam the Dome - Harvey Dahl and Tyson Clabo were at our table. I was telling my husband how much I loved how nasty they are. Well - he goes and tells them - My wife says you guys are the meanest linemen in the NFL. They look up all sweet and innocent. We're sweet - we're not mean. I'm like OKaaayyy! I was embarrassed that my husband told them - but it was funny as crap. They were really cool.

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Dahl and Clabo are the only guys in any sport I watch take penalties and don't really care about it.

Especially because when they do they always seem to get their moneys worth.

LOL its quite funny when you think about it. how can u get angry at them for giving up metres but getting one up on their man.

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