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the season

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I'm a FAN, of course. I am not overly, technically analytical.

But ... I can combine what I think I know and some basic predictions by the numbers

1. I know EVERY game for the FALCONS from this point on in the season

IS winnable

2. I predict that the standings won't change much throughout the league

especially in OUR division.

3. I don't worry about the 2-winning-seasons-in-a-row curse, not at all

4. I think more about making the play-offs which is very likely, but

anything can happen.

5. With the SAINTs riding high ahead of the Falcons in the standings

it should be very important to at least split with them. I predict

that the FALCONS get past the Saints in the play-offs head-to-head

or otherwise.

6. Making the play-offs 10 out of the next 12 years would be better

than the ONE time going to the Super Bowl in the last 12.

7. I don't know much technically, but I know that the combination

of Dimitroff and MIKE Smith is the best in the league. Here's hoping

that combination sticks around for a dozen or so years.

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i dont seee any numbers?

I didn't mean stats and didn't mean to imply that.

Just meant priorities and the order in which things

occurred to me. Didn't mean to disappoint

Here's what I meant about the standings not changing too much:

AFC West

Denver is a big surprise doing so well without Cutler.

They may slow down, but who in their own division can catch them?

AFC South

INDY and Peyton probably can't be touched.

AFC North

Somebody can catch Cincey, but if someone does,

it just drops Cincey into the wild card spot,

and they still make the play-offs

AFC East

the Jets were an early season aberration;

Patriots end up in first place

NFC West

ANYBODY but Saint Louis; hope Wiesenhunt

takes it again rather than Mora

NFC South (that's us)

Let the Saints have it, so they can die

in the play-offs. Falcons take the wild card.

NFC North

It's Favre and the VIKES. However, will he have

anything left for the play-offs? And, the VIKES

are just thinking this year NOT the future.

NFC East

Brother on brother SUPER Bowl is what,

as the wild card, the Falcons should want to spoil

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