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So is our passing game now stronger than our running game?


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Seems that every team we play this year thinks that the key to stopping Atlanta is stopping Turner. Last year I think this was true but this year I think we could win with an average RB.


I understand what you're getting at ... that is, with Ryan having a year under his belt, I DO think we have a better shot to win through the air this year than last when we are forced to.

However, it was no coincidence that Matt's highest yards passing so far this season happened in the same game where the '08 Turner we all knew and loved arrived on the scene.

The first touchdown to Roddy is a case in point: play-action works best when your RB has already done some damage (in this case, scored the game's first TD against a team that had yet to give up a rushing TD in '09.)

It's reciprocal: strong pass plays from the QB open up the run game; strong runs from the RB open up the pass game.

Let's keep our quarterback AND RB above average, eh? happy.gif

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I believe Ryan is ready to take full control of the offense. Similar to

Peyton, let Matt call two plays in the huddle, the play defenses are least

prepared to defend is the one that is ran. Now, if the pass is the way to go

so be it, and vice-versa. In the case of are we more of a passing team now,

we're neither a pass nor run team, we're balanced.

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