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Vibe from Bears fans

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I will say this, compared to the Niners and Dolphins fans these Bears fans are just not giving me anything to really get fired up about. On their forum they seem like reasonable, likeable people who are looking forward to a good football game. Buncha jerks! :)

I guess you have not seen the "new" super die hard bears fan's youtube video:

he did the same thing last year, but he disappeared after the game.... Stay Classy SDH..LOL looooooooossssseeeeeerrrr!!!

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Well, here is one thing I know. The Falcons are sort of the same team as last year, which is GOOD. They got Gonzales, which was a big time pick up but they are still the same team.

The Bears got a new QB and are a totally different team. They got a QB who is not only a playmaker, but NOT what he was pictured in the media. Meaning, he is not a Brett Favre mad bomber. They were totally wrong. He has been anything but the mad bomber.

Am I worried about this game? Not really. The Bears are sort of in transition mode. New QB, new receivers, bad O-Line....just go out and try to make some plays, keep it close in the second half. The usual.

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some of them think they will lose and we have too much firepower. a lot of them think that they'll beat us. some of them want to get behind by a score or two early because they've won 3 comeback games so far this year.

a lot of them think we're overrated and we have homer fans, BUT there are a good bit that think ryan is a really good qb (some even said better than cutler). they didn't talk too much about the 08 game over there. a couple think ryan will be gun shy in his first primetime game.

they think they'll do a good job stopping turner and tony G. they're worried that lovie smith will put roddy in 1v1 coverage for most of the game and that he'll exploit their secondary like last year.

One thing their right about Ryan is a BETTER QB. But I do not get why people think Ryan will freak in a primetime game? He has been in the playoffs, the Boston College game against VT was primetime as you can get. Even last week was a bigger game. I just don't get it. He11 Cutler screwed the pooch against Green bay the first of the year and threw all those INTS, anybody I think should be afraid of prime time is them. ;)

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