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Dear Roddy White,


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I loved Smith's comment from Sunday night:

Q: On whether or not the flip by WR Roddy White bothered him.

A: “Did it bother me, well yeah it did. He didn’t hit the landing because if he hits the landing it’s not a 15-yard penalty. I told him that you need to give it Olga. If he’s going to do it it’s got to be the Olga. He looked at me like he doesn’t know who Olga Korbut is… then I told him maybe Mary Lou Retton and I figured that’s 1986, he doesn’t know who Mary Lou Retton is. It went right over his head and my head. But, no, Roddy is excited and if he is going to go celebrate he’s got to hit the four-point landing.”

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I have a doctorate degree young man. I prefer to remain intellectually astute while writing on the message

board, in contrast to the continued grammatical assault upon the English language that is

frequently exhibited here. :P

lol i'm not referring to grammar. I'm referring to how u took Roddy's joking comment and turned it into a serious threat

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