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Falcons' offensive explosion vs. 49ers one of week's surprises

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Roddy White makes one of his eight receptions

for 210 yards against the 49ers.

(Paul Sakuma / Associated Press)

Falcons 45, 49ers 10

The Falcons' surprising offensive explosion against the 49ers can be attributed to a balanced game plan from the outset. Atlanta quickly established Michael Turner by running a series of power runs from the "I-formation" between the tackles and followed with complementary play-action passes. By using the threat of Turner pounding between the tackles to lure the 49ers' safeties near the line of scrimmage, the Falcons threw the ball deep to Roddy White. He repeatedly burned the 49ers on vertical routes, which put the defense in a quandary because the unit was unable to force the Falcons into a one-dimensional approach. With the 49ers clearly on their heels, the Falcons controlled the game and put on a very impressive offensive show against one of the league's better defenses.


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I think I've watched various game highlights like 20 times already and each time it's sweeter than the previous. That was the explosion everyone wanted to see from Matt Ryan and Roddy White and the defense played very well. The fumbles and the pick were mistakes, but when you make up for it by scoring, getting the ball right back, and putting the other team in bad field position, it makes those mistakes easier to swallow.

One of my friends is a die-hard Niners fan (I was born and raised in SF, so being a Falcon was was brutal in the 80s and 90s) and he tweeted during the game when Norwood fumbled. That was the last time he tweeted. hahaha!

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