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I think I am still in charge of the nominations this week, and so many guys had good weeks, it looks like I am going to have a lot of typing to do. Don't mind at all though, glad to do it. I am going to do it tonight when I rewatch the DirectTV shortcut. Here are the guys that I know will be included off the top of my head, but I welcome suggestions for additional folks.

Roddy White for the most obvious of reasons.

Turner for 3 TDs.

Ryan for playing terrific and a career high in passing yards.

the entire offensive line for playing with attitude and setting the tone.

Curtis Lofton for playing tough in the middle and making plays against the pass as well.

Ditto for Mike Peterson and making that huge deflection at the start of the game.

Maybe I could nominate the entire defensive line as a unit as well, as all of those guys were making plays out there but I don't think any one guy stood out. The whole unit played really well.

Brian Williams for being alert and making the pick on the deflected pass plus showing extraordinary hustle to chase down Morgan on that long pass play in the first half. The Niners scored anyway but I still think that play was indicative that the Falcons weren't going to stop bringing it yesterday.

Ok, well that's just about 80% of the starters on the team, but let me know if there is anybody else that you think deserves special recognition.

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IMO Any Player that sets a team record is the hands down winner.

and lets not forget the Dre Bly interception.

Thanks to Roddy Dre Bly is destined to become #3 on the

NFL's all time blunders.

I have no doubt that Roddy is going to win the award this week, but if I only nominate him, people will say I am being lazy.

Which I am, by the way.

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I say when you have a player that plays both offense and defense then you have to give it to Roddy. I mean the dude broke a Franchise Record on Sunday, it is Roddy, but some people might want to vote for someone else.

Matt would get some votes. Not just by the great numbers he had, but just the way he was poised in the pocket. It just amazes me how smart he is on the field. He really looks like Peyton Manning out there. I have no doubt that he can be the best QB in the NFL in the next few years.

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Yeah, this week is pretty easy. I told my friend who had Roddy in fantasy football that the Falcons were kind of out of synch the first few weeks, but after the bye they were going to get it together and Roddy was going to go off. He didn't listen to me, and didn't start Roddy, and was ticked at himself for it.

My fav Roddy play was the embarrassment of Dre Bly on the INT though. That was good to see.

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I still say Dahl deserves some mention for drawing a personal foul on a kneel down! :lol:

lol. Did you notice that Smitty took him out of the game after that. Guess Smitty didn't want a brawl to break out. lol. I bet Dahl was laughing at them. I love Dahl btw. I still think the whole o-line deserves a mention. Clabo was in their doing his thing too. Got a call against him but he played with a nastiness to him. I love it.

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What about JA98 for 2 sacks?

If the O line or D line were to get it, I don't know HOW I'll put the pic in the award!

Best bet, Peyton,...keep it simple. 3 or 4 players (and/or coaches) tops.

Well no worries, Roddy is going to win. I think I'll just do a few detailed nominations and throw a few honorable mentions in there.

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