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What a game!

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messed up my laptop yesterday and just got a new one. wow guys what a game that was to watch! :D

my brother's a huge niner fan and was giving me so much **** throughout the week about their defense and how they'd shut us down at candlestick. i called him up at halftime and he hung up in my face for the first time in my life. :lol:

ryan was airing it out, THE LINE WAS BLOCKING, turner was running hard, we were getting the ball to roddy DEEP (and jenkins). just an amazing game and i think that's what we all expected our offense to be when we traded for gonzo last year.

on top of that the D played well and got off the field on third downs. grimes looked good (except for that one whiff) and i barely remember houston being thrown at. peterson and williams were great signings.

just an all around amazing game to watch as a falcon fan.


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