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Off the collar--Jenkins Speed


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On Roddy's 90 yard TD, I LOVED the way Jenkins ran past two defenders to get into vastly unneeded blocking position. The things the guys do in mundane situations tell me a bunch about how this team approaches their job. Odd things happen. Guys cramp up. Guys celebrate early. Guys stumble. It is nice to know guys will work hard to get into plays. The only thing you know for certain is, "you never know."

Also, what is up with Mike and those quicks? He was the fastest dude on the field for that 90 yards. Roddy was carrying the ball, but I was still shocked to see Jenkins running down that group from 4 or 5 yards back.

We may have more than 1 guy with deep speed. The guy has sticky hands as well. I wouldn't mind us working him down some deep seam routes with Gonzo running a crossing pattern underneath. We have the weapons with which to injure some defenses. Yesterday's confidence infusion may be bigger than any of us know. I don't put a lot of substance to beating the 9ers. However, the confidence gained in the process may be huge.

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