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A few thoughts from the game

The Don™

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Offense - This is EXACTLY what I wanted to see out of this offense. Mularkey let Ryan air it out, we had a nice pass to rush ratio, we gave the ball to our playmaking WR in White, we gave it to Gonzo when needed, and the OL blocked better than the previous 3 games.....Basically, we looked more balanced and fundamentally sound out there than any other game so far.

Defense - Granted, the Niners didn't have Gore, but our run D still looked pretty good out there today. We had several stops at the LOS and after the RB gained 1-3 yards.

---Houston, Grimes, Williams, DeCoud, and Coleman looked good out there. Houston looked physical on some tackles, and he stuck with his man most of the day. Grimes made one of his acrobatic pass deflections out there, and his name wasn't called much so that means he was shutting it down on his side. DeCoud looked good AGAIN out there, he showed some great range, and he made two sick pass deflections, with one being a full out dive. Coleman made a few nice tackles, but he just wasn't tested deep, so that means he had his side locked down too........

---I loved the pressure we got on Hill with some exotic blitzes, and Hill was forced into many bad throws. The DL had a good game in general...

---Lofton looked like a beast again. I recall him making at least one bone jarring hit stopping the RB cold on the LOS. I love his tenacity and he is looking more and more like the leader of this D for years to come.....Mike Pete forced ANOTHER turnover with that PD that turned into a int. into Williams's hands....

The Coaches - Wow, our coaches showed some extra intensity out there today...Coach Smith and Mularkey just stepped on the Niners' hearts even after we had a commanding lead. I am glad Mularkey didn't get conservative like he always does, and I also loved the fact that he let Ryan "grow up" this week by letting him make plays. Van Gordor also made some good calls out there with some nice blitz packages and he made sure we got pressure on Hill the whole day and we did.

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