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2 of the biggest things i like from this game


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WE DIDNT START PLAYING SOFT AFTER WE GOT A BIG LEAD. We were still trowing the ball on most 2nd and 3rd downs in 3rd and 4th QT ... I love it, usually we let the team come back by running it up the middle and trying to milk the clock but we stayed agressive and gave SF no chance for a comback.


We blitz like crazy which proved that our defense can be dominating if we blitz and dont give the QB's all day to trow the ball.

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Agree that it was nice to see more of that blitzing and pressuring the QB. Also nice to see them move JA98 inside some, and get some results from that. We are fortunate, however, that Hill is not a QB that can make you pay for blitzing. Not so sure that approach would have worked as well (although it would have been nice to see them try) against Brady & co.

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