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49ers MB lol


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SF fans---

i dunno i was so made and already started in caps...so i decided to make my angry cmon in lower case ahhahaah....yeah hill is pathetic we need a QB like ryan he destroyed us!

SF fan #---Mike Vick


I thought of Ducks every time qb Hill threw the ball,

He is very bad, if it wasnt for two plays by WRs,

He would have had an Anderson type game who today went 2 for 17 23yards worst ever by a winning QB

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The funny thing is how inflated a lot of the self-described 'experts' are who post here, after a win. We beat the 49ers. Yes, they are a good team, but no, they are not the Patriots. Let's beat the Giants or the Saints, and then thump our chests, and not do it at the other team's expense. There weren't even that many Niner trolls here this week.

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