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Even though JAM doesnt have any sacks,

He is good and I like him-

His 100% Effort is there and

he is a Big DE

--kinda --like

my FAV Big DE Grant without Grant's Massive Muscles/Awareness

Jam is even Equal to DE Dorsey in KC in My mind,

I would give a late pick,

or whatever(Dont care about Cost) to make the trade happen though

Both Playing Playing DT- Dorsey(46 Tackles)>JAM(Jam Passing Sit. only)

Both Playing DE- JAM=Dorsey->

Dorsey 4tackles, today, no sacks from DE

IMO, JAM will have more sacks at DE than Dorsey This Year!

He has definitely been closer to he QB,so Far!

Jam Went unblocked today, but His Awareness on the field is like -.2

Contracts Dorsey=JAM

(JAM less $ - maybe even one or two(?) years shorter)

We would be helping KC out in cap,

so the extra pick needed for Dorsey since we called

evens the trade totally back out

It just fits, DE Dorsey in KC's 3-4 doesnt

Dorsey wanted to Play Here and Be close to his Home.

Both KC and the ATL would be better after trade

Not Completely Sober- BTW

Dt Play could be the difference from a Superbowl/Playoff win, or a Loss


JAM's Valve is going up this while Dorsey's is going Down!

Dorsey's Fans Booed him the other day

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This is the type of games i like 2 see from Jamal. I want 2 congradulate him on the good day even tho he didnt come up with any sacks he got alot of pressure on the QB and would have had 2 sacks 2day if Abraham and Bierman didnt get 2 the QB right before he did. Hopefully we see alot more of this from him.

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