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Officials are getting terrible!


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The worst part of it is that one of the guys im playing in fantasy has Michael Bush, who scored off of that.

Michael freaking Bush has 8 points on me now because of a blown call. It seems like every week the guy I play has a bunch of nobodies that somehow put up points that week.

I got you beat. I have giants D and I went from having 15 points for a shutout to 5 points for allowing 7 points and I would have got 2 for the FumRec and 6 for the TD. That's a freaking 18 point swing because of that ****** call.

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On another note , J.Russell is the worst QB to step on a NFL field..

That is all! :ph34r:

This offseason, some of the guys on Fox Sports radio kept calling him 12-for.... which I've picked up on. They said it doesn't matter the game, he's going to go 12 for 25, 12 for 30, 12 for 124, etc.

This season, he is:





I really hope "12 for" only has 12 completions today as well. His failure makes me lol.

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