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Possible Reason For Defensive and Offensive Woes.....


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As I was watching the game yesterday, I couldn't help but notice how dumbfounded some of the Georgia players looked on Offense and Defense. A perfect example was the TD catch by Gerald Jones, where, afterwards, Prince Miller threw his hands in the air at Safety Reshad Jones and got in his face.

There have been two many times this year where I have seen our DB's look at each other like "Wait, weren't you supposed to be there?" Namely Prince Miller, Reshad Jones, Bryan Evans. I haven't seen near as much confusion on offense, but often see glimpses on the line.

This got me thinking.....There's one thing that Rivals and Scout and all these recruiting sites don't take into account. I used to think that Georgia was a team that not only looked at athletic ability, but moreso took into account FOOTBALL IQ. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I understand these guys were highly recruited and are extreme athletic specimen. BUT....some of them just do not have what it takes up top. I see these kids in class sometimes and notice that they are sleeping or tweeting or whatever the **** they want instead of being attentive and paying attention. There's a reason why Rennie Curran is our best player on Defense and one of the top LB in the country. He is a bright kid, who is capable of understanding adjustments and understands the game. There's not many other players on the field that I can say that for.

What happened to players like David Pollack? This guy was NEVER a highly touted player until he was put on the field and was able to show his intelligence of the game. Champ Bailey, Thomas Davis, Greg Blue, Charles Johnson, Danell Ellerbe, Quinton Moses, Hines Ward, Matthew Stafford, Richard Seymour all have the same things in common. A high football IQ.

*****If these kids can't grasp the playbook and understand where they need to be and make adjustments, then they need to be taken off the field and replaced with someone who shows a better understanding, regardless of athletic ability. You want to see this defense get better? Put players in the game who won't give up the 60 yard TD pass because they "forgot" the coverage. I'll take the 15 yard pass and a clean tackle any day of the week over an occasional big hit, followed by a breakdown in assignment. The sooner the coordinators put the smartest players in the game, the sooner we will see that Georgia football tradition of stout defense and running/grinding the game out.

I'd like to also say that this is by no means an attack on the intelligence of some of these players. Only their football intelligence.

Georgia needs to get back to smart football and forget about the "wow" factor that Knowshon and Stafford brought in.

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Richard Samuel is possibly one of the most intelligent kids on the team, unfortunately, he's at the wrong position. They need to put him where he belongs and that is his natural position of linebacker. That'd improve the defense for sure. Couple that with changes in the secondary (why is Rambo not playing more?), and a new defensive coordinator that also has football IQ (cause Willie doesn't), and I think the defense would be alright.

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