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A Message from Durrty...


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Don't be mad at ol Durrty but we're winning this game. Period.

No "it'll be a hard fought battle" talk...we're going in there and winning. San Fran has a good defense, but we have the better QB and overall offense. Matt Ryan has gone up against some of the best defenses already and has done well. The Niners have a questionable OL that I'm sure our DL will feast on...too many factors go in our favor this game, so I'm not leaving any room for error the rest of the 2009-2010 season...I'm adopting a new mentality this season. It's time we got a swagger about this team that NO MATTER WHAT OR WHO, we win. Our defense hasn't played to their potential, yes, but guys are stepping into their roles...we don't lack talent, just that swagger about yourself that no matter who's in front of you, you know - with the guys on this team - you can win. IMO, we are built for a Superbowl run...guys just need to understand their potential...and after we walk out of Candlestick with a fat "W" around our belts, we take it off, hang it up with the other two, put on some fresh armor, swag walk right into the da Dome, and give it to the Bears all over again! Then jig to NO and dance over da Aints...I'm tired of all this talk about NO. I hope we give them their first loss of the season...it'll make the victory much, much sweeter because it tells them and the rest of the world that we, ATL, is destined to run the South!

Get the swagger Birds!!!

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