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Dawg fans some interesting recruiting news (football and basktball)


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This past weekend was a great recruiting weekend despite the loss. A number of top players were in for visits and we could get a few surprise commits if things continue.

With the FSU debacle there are some recruits that were considered hard leans that are not more open. Christian Green is one such example. The gators lead, but UGA is very close to them. The darkhorse team from what we have been told is USF especially if they beat miami. Remember CMR and Lilly have a great connection to the Green's, don't underestimate that in this situation.

Terrence Mitchell is a very legit option as well for UGA. Per some close to him he is really feeling UGA and they will be in it for both players.

Michael Thornton is a funny guy. He says uga knows where they stand with him and talks about playing with Garrison Smith who is recruiting him very hard then he says in an ajc article Penn State leads.. :lol::lol: Kinda of reminds me of Garrison Smith if you know what I mean and was saying about him for some time.. :P

Cody Riggs is a uf lean, which we all know, but he had a great visit and he went through a lot to get to uga after his game friday night. Another bigtime florida recruit who UGA is in on.

Chris Dunkley's mom loved the trip more than he did.. LOLOL

Gator is as gator does. :P

Jawuan James loved his back to back visits to Athens. He is visiting ut this weekend for our game and ucla soon. He will be an early enrollee so he wants to decide soon. I like our chances right now. However it will be tough to beat the kiffinato who hasn't let up his recruitment of james.

Just with 2010 we have a few more guys we are pursuing and may offer like michaelee harris, but they only offer another wr if they don't really think they have a chance to close with Christian Green or Bryant. We have 4 more spots as it seems now. We could add a 5th spot with a national guy like Jeff Luc.

Upcoming visits kenny shaw, jeff luc, deon rogers, and a few other guys will be having officials to uga for the auburn game.

The 2011 boatload of recruits we have had in has been something. UGA will be in the mix for the #1 overall class for 2011. The talent instate and the interest out of state is staggering.


Georgia had a big group of guys in this past weekend.

We lead and a significant lead for 2010 Cady Lalane a rival 150 power forward.

2010 #8 rivals player Jelan Kendrick was out visiting UGA this past weekend. UGA is indeed in the mix for him. Mark Fox and Palmore has done a terrific job with Jelan.

2010 Center Micheal Bradley is down to uga and uconn. Looks like uconn is his choice and he was supposed to decide 2 days ago, but he continues to put it off wanting to make sure of his choice.

As I said before UGA is going after Shawn Kemp and has a great chance to get him. This new staff is doing a tremendous job of being in the mix for these guys.

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Christian Green would be a great get. I'm glad he is considering USF, I think his dad or someone went there or currently works there. I love what Jim Leavitt has done with that program and think he deserves some top talent to play for him.

Getting Jelan Kendrick for basketball would be tremendous. I think its a longshot but if he were to commit that would be insane. If Thompkins isn't able to turn pro after this year which I hope he is able to...but having Kendrick and Thompkins on the court together would be our best duo in a long long time.

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Whatever happened to that "silent commitment" from Florida that was supposed to be a big name and that would surprise all us UGA fans? LoL.

the one big silent commit from florida was nickell robey.. you are talking about the big visitor not commit who was matt elam, uf commitment..

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