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New 49er's Cartoon Is Up, Folks....

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Here ya go, guys!

If you'd like to know how this 'toon came about, please visit my blog. (Especially visit it if you "just don't get it".:unsure:) http://superfan.blog...ntafalcons.com/

As always, replies, comments and constructive criticism are always welcome both in this thread and on the blog.

Let's go, Hotlanta Falcons! Get on out there to San Fran and BREAK SOME HEARTS!!! (As well as heads!:D)

Workin' hard to keep y'all smilin',


Love it

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Hey Supe I'm a huge fan and have all of your previous works printed and nicely organized in a binder. Even the drawings before you became a big shot. :P You asked for an honest opinion so I'll give you ours. I say ours due to the wife bugs me until I find the new weekly Falco cartoon and what he has in store for the opposing team. She is also big a fan of your work.

When we saw this weeks cartoon we were a bit disappointed, quit setting the bar so darn hi ;)

Not in the quality, as your work is always top notch but we thought trying to send two messages was to much and diluted the punch line.

The Mike Singletary's Eyes line at the top to us is a major distraction from the art and is unnecessary. Now the

"We'll Break his heart in San Fransicooo" is classic and is more than enough. If you stayed with that drop the slasher looking phrase at the top and went with a different emotion. Maybe the classic emotion where the head is tilted back and tears gushing out the side of the eyes or Singletary putting a red challenge flag, knot included, :) to his eye wiping a tear would have worked as well.

Again I'm a huge fan and I hope these suggestions do not offend as it was not the intention just honest feedback from a two very big fans.

Your work has been stellar as scores indicate :P

Falco creation and intro score 10

Week 1 Dolphins score 10

Week 2 Panthers score 9.5

Week 3 Patriots score 8.0 ( creative but to busy)

Week 4 Bye

Week 5 Forty Niners score 7.5

These scores are not an indication of your talent rather than the impact of the finished product to a collector and a big fan.

Edited by xfactor
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'Preciate your reply, xfactor.

My motto is: "You can please some of the people some of the time, and you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

Not everyone is gonna like everything I do, no matter what I do, and that's ok. You took the time to reply, and that's what's most important to me. I do get paid for these 'toons, but that's not why I do 'em. I do 'em because I enjoy it and the reaction from my fellow fans.

Thank you, sir.B)

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