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Moore is better

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ATL.gif2:38:54 pmFalcons coach Mike Smith said S William Moore will play Sunday against San Francisco, but wouldn't speculate as to how many plays he will see

ATL.gif2:43:47 pmFalcons rookie S William Moore said the bye week helped him get back to basics when it came to grasping Atlanta's defensive scheme. “We went back to square one and went over the basic stuff," Moore said. "I had the chance to show the coaches I know what I’m doing, as far as getting on the field.”

ATL.gif2:44:31 pmFalcons CB Chris Houston on 49ers TE Vernon Davis: “He catches most of the deep balls. When they’re on the field on third down, he can go deep and get behind the linebackers. He’s pretty much faster than most linebackers so if you get him in those matchups he’s able to create plays.”

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It would be a great opportunity for both to see some snaps. The 9ers arent really a pass happy team with a stellar qb. Not to down ole Shaun or anything but not exactly elite. He can definitely put the ball where he needs, but the 9ers play smashmouth, and arent pass oriented like say the pats. So this is a good feeler game for these guys to get comfortable with our system. I love the idea and hope they both shine.

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Better than who?

DeCoud? - I don't think so. Obviously Smitty didn't either

Coleman? - OK. Let's see if he is Top 10 in solos like the Cold Man was last year. Let's just see.

More NCAA cluelessness.

I think he's refering to willliams health. ;) i'll reserve my judgement on moore till he actually sees playing time.

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