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Keys to win agaisnt the 49ers


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Alright after watching the preview between the two team, and giving it a good thought. Here's my "Keys to win the game".

1. Start fast, by starting fast i mean our offensive unit has got to hit the clutch early on this game.

Why? Because Our running defense suck! and 49ers is a heavily running team. so by getting putting up points early, we gonna force them play catching up with us, thus would make them goin through the air instead of stay on the ground. and take less pressure from our defense

2. Use Norwood, i watched their game vs Vikings, and Brett Farve just kill them with the screen play. So we got a speed in Norwood, and we should take advantage of it.

3. Attack CB number 22. While Hasslebeck was in the game vs the 49ers, he pick on the guy several times. But it brought to my attention when Farve did, i mean he just pick on the dude left and right during the game.

In knowing the guy have given up big play, so why not be the bully and pick on him more.

4. Stack the box early on. Just stop the 49ers running game during first quarter and force them playing catch up!

Fact is Offensively the 49ers O-line has given up 13 sacks - thats 3.25 per game. So as long as we making them throwing the ball, JA55 and Beerman gonna have a career day.

5. I think we all have to agree on this, Their Defense is better than ours.

With that being said, We have to win the turn-over battle. So far this season, everygame that they've won, they've done it defensively. So as long as we dont turn the ball over, and put the game on their offense, We gonna have a better chance winning this game.

So, after doing my study, i think we have more chance of winning this game than some people think.

I predict: Falcons 31 - 49ers 21

Matt Ryan: 27/38 250yds 3TD

Micheal Turner: 25 carries / 95yds 1TD

Norwood: 7 carries/ 9 REC 100yds 1TD

TG: 8REC 75yds 1TD

White: 7REC 90yds 1TD

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