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By the end of the day Sunday

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We are going find out can this team contend or is it straight garbage :ph34r:

I dont think its time to go that far , I mean your team needs you no matter what. But your a **** good team. I think the 49ers are not a joke my wife is a 49ers fan, so I watch them. All in all they seem usual not that great, but if you look in the center and dig deep this is a team that almost beat the viking without there running game, this team is about coaching and the 49ers are all drinking the koolade, they have a good coach on thier hands and a pretty good defense. You can pass on um thow, dont run there run defense might be better than ours, vikings wasted plays on that, and almost lost ,but as usual a 10 secs left Brent Farve pass won it. But they owned that game and didnt have the talent on the field to win. If you air it out the 49ers have shown they cant defend that, but there pass rush isnt bad so you have to be quick.

You have a well rounded team and good fans, you will go deep , and this is coming from a born Saints fan, We know about you boys and trying to get ready. Just because we have 4-0 dont think we think we are the leaders of this division its a long season

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Congrats on making my ignore list

Whoo hoo! First and foremost I would like to thank god! Ummm, I dont know where to begin. My mom for making me..ummm my sister, dad. Nfl Insider's mom for coming over every night even though she had a busy schedule.

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That's the dumbest ******* statement I have ever read. I mean that from the bottom of my heart man.

If the other team is good, it's supposed to beat the other team. WTF is wrong with your brain?

LOL they are supposed to tie I guess.. "I would hate to see that happen in the playoffs or Super Bowl"

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Congrats. You are garbage RIGHT NOW.

Trolling. A reference to the creatures of Scandinavian folklore. Trolls inhabit dark, damp places, such as caves and parent's basements. Although variously portrayed in folklore as friendly, mischievous, or malevolent, a troll in a discussion board is usually not interested in posting constructive information or commentary and is usually anything but friendly or well intentioned. Trolls craft and post messages into discussion forums as 'bait' for the express purpose of upsetting everyone else and provoking a flame war.

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