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Week 14 just got a whole lot tougher


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Hopefully by then we would have locked some sort of playoff spot because the jets are looking tough this year...and with just adding braylon edwards it didn't get much easier...

You mean the malcontent who drops everything and had only one big season out of five? I believe he will find Rex Ryan's shoe up the backside by then. It's like Mortenson said this morning, the guy tried to be a celebrity before he was anybody coming into the league.

I don't overlook any player but he is larger than life because of his mouth not his play on the field.

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So i wake up this morning, sign on AIM.

And most of my friends (All Jet Fans) love the news.

i dont see how this move can hurt the Jets like some of ya said,

and i know Edwards is known to drop many passes.

But maybe he just needed that new outlet, a new start. And like it or not,

The Jets just got better.

The only problem as of right now with Edwards,

is that he is bieng investigated over an incident.

The trade comes a day after the NFL has opened an investigation of whether Edwards violated the league's conduct policy following accusations he assaulted a man outside a nightclub in downtown Cleveland. Edwards allegedly punched promoter Edward Givens, a friend of NBA star LeBron James, early Monday morning following an argument.


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