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The one thing worries me more than Jerry's injury

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The Falcons didn't play to WIN against the Patriots folks, they played to NOT LOSE. All that does is just like playing a prevent defense, it prevents you from winning. It's a trash philosophy that I never want to see the Falcons play into again, but this was one of those moments were the young buck was staring in the headlights, a little bit too awestruck to go up to NE and play a game to win. We had to take shots to win, and we didn't. Well the 1 we took was a TD called back for PI. Between that and the Turner Fumble we cost ourselves 14 points, and the difference in that game. But we played as if we had scored and we were ahead. We just played not to lose.

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I'm not one to usually criticize the coaching- I think Smith is doing a great job here. The game plan I thought was ok considering the players we have on defense.

My two gripes were not going for on the 4th down in the 3rd quarter.- We don't have the Steelers defense, and we needed to keep the ball.

Also, on the opening drive- I would have gone for the TD on 4th down instead of kicking the field goal. We were inside the 5 yard line and our offense was clicking. Even if you don't make it, they are backed up at our end.

In this game, on the road, we should have taken chances to win.

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The thing that worrys me more than Jerrys injury is the fact that we went into the game at NE with a fundamentally flawed gameplan and failed to make the necessary adjustments as the game happened.

We needed to hit Brady on defense by bringing pressure up the middle so he couldn't step up in the pocket. We did neither. We got no sacks, no pressure, and Brady had plenty of opportunities to step up in a clean pocket with no one in his face as his tackles rode our ends past the pocket.

The Giants set the blueprint for how to beat the Patriots and the Jets repeated it the week before our game.

Its almost as if our staff was like theyll be expecting us to come up in the middle in Bradys face and be ready so well do the opposite and sit back and let him tear us apart. You know he missed a couple easy TDs.

White had 4 catches and Gonzo had 1. Turner had 15 carries for a subpar amount of yards.


Next week is a huge test for this staff

So the giants set the blueprint two years ago, but the NE coaching staff has yet to adjust to it? No, the Giants game was ancient history. The Jets set the blueprint the week before, and NE adjusted very well. In over %70 of their snaps they played two TEs and kept them back to block. That's hard to bring pressure against, because the guards are free to demolish the tackles and LBs.

How does Jerry's injury make you worry about our staff. It is completely unrelated to any injury he had in college. It's a random bone injury that in no way could have been predicted. The injury prone talk is just a bunch of crap, really STUPID crap. How did that work out for the Vikes? Glenn Dorsey was injury prone too, turns out he is just lazy, go figure. Adrian Peterson was injury prone coming out of college too. Jerry was playing well, and we will get some good years out of him. Injuries happen, because the NFL is rough, get over yourself.

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why I avoid this place is because anyone with a different view gets blasted as a troll and a hater, now there's an easy button to click to take your anger out on then real fans get banned for no good reason other than not living in this wonderful world of the falcons where TD is a genius and Smith makes no mistakes.

you guys can live in this fairy world, reality is this team isn't nearly as good as most on here think

just because some are more realistic than others doesn't make them a hater

It was just ONE game. Speaking of blasting others....I don't live in a fairy world.....Looks more like Eskimos to me.....

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