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To those criticizing Turner for fumbles


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Of course nobody likes to see a fumble, but they just happen from time to time

and as they said, AP probably has more than anybody.

But that is not my beef with Turner.

Turner is Freaking Huge and showed up to camp weighing in at Over 260 lbs.

If the guy want to be a FAS like Jerome Bettis or TJ Ducket then you know what

my next comment will be.

Dud gets paid Millions.

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For 60 more yards? That's all AP did that was more than MT last season...

70 yds but you are right. Turner also had 7 more TD's than AP last year. And 7 less fumbles. If I am mistaken, Turner only had two fumbles so that is 4 in two years. I don't necessarily count that fumble in the AZ game. That wasn't necessarily his fault.

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Agree with the OP.

Fumbles suck.

That said.

MT is always carrying the ball in traffic with TWO arms on it.

And every one of the fumbles he's had has taken a terrific defensive play to cause.

Sometimes defense's make plays folks.

You can play perfect and still lose.

It's the way the ball bounces.

Get over it and stop blaming Michael Turner.

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Which back would you rather have? Peterson gets my vote. Turner tip toes too much for me.

Turner is a straight line bruiser he doesn't have the quick burst to bounce it outside like Peterson. Turner "tippy toes" as you like to call it because the hole is closed. Have you not seen him shoving Dahl and Clabo in the back trying to get them to move their azz out of the way? Why would a player suddenly not hit the hole with his size after having success last year? He is a very physical RB so calling him tippy toes makes absolutely no sense.

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Last year Turner had 17 TDs. Peterson had 10 with a far better offensive line.

Last year Turner fumbled the ball 3 times, losing 2; and every single one of them were bad calls. Peterson fumbled 9 times, an NFL high by far.

Turner was the best RB in the NFL last year outside maybe DeAngelo Williams, and he had a better offensive line and carried the ball far less times while splitting carries with Stewart.

Bother of Turner's fumbles these year have been absolutely perfect helmet strikes on the ball with him running max protect on the ball. Not a player in the NFL was keeping those balls.

Turner only came into camp at 256, not 260+ as people claim. That's just a 10 lb increase, and most players gain weight before entering training camp.

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Adrian Peterson has just fumbled for the 14th time in 2 seasons. Turner just 5...

Yes, Peterson is a bit of a fumbler, but I don't care b/c he plays for another team. Facts, Turners fumble completely changed the game around. We should have been able to score on that drive and not only did we not score, but N.E. scored a TD and they were getting the ball back after half time if I remember correctly. Some times fumbles don't hurt you but that one was inopportune.

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