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Predict the NFC South Week 5


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BTW, I hate this scoring system and I hate keeping up with allowances for missed weeks. I am open to suggestions on how to make it easier if I do this again next year.

Oh and if a few people do not get in and catch up this week they will be disqualified. If you have numbers next to your name that add up to 3 and you don't pick this week you are out.

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You and me both. I got killed last week for believing the blasted bucs were not the worst team in the league and, unfortunately, the saints are as good as they appear.

x3 on the Bucs, but I didn't miss on the Saints. Daggone Bucs about to pizz me off so bad, I can't even feel sorry for 'em this year.

Anyway, this week everyone seems to be of one mind on their picks, so I'm doubting I'll have an opportunity to catch up much.

Falcons over 49ers

Eagles annihilate the Bucs and Rasheed cries on the after game press conference. Leftwich eats another cheeseburger.

Panthers over Redskins - Can't believe I"m saying this, but I kinda think it's possible the Panties lose this one, too! Still... I'm pickin' em.

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