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Offensive personnel use

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QB Matt Ryan the iceman-we should give him full control of the offense and put him in position to succeed by getting the hands in his playmakers. That means audibles that when defenses play off coverage just snap it to Roddy White and let him make a play. And use Mughelli and Gonzalez and just run with 7 blockers when hteres 7 in the box and pass when theres 8. Establish the run game and then off play action go max protect with the RBs and take a shot to White or Jenkins downfield if they're 1 on 1 deep or Gonzalez underneath if he's there and throw it away if it's not there.

Throw screens to get the ball to White, Norwood, and Turner in space, this gets everyone in a rhythm and raises everyones confidence, key on a young offense, especially when the o line cant move anyone in the run game.

RB Turner the burner- off to a slow start need to get back to no nonsense running style straight up the field power running behind blalock or clabo and mughelli. if the line still cant block anyone throw him some screens to get him in space without getting hit in the backfield. within the 10 yard line give him 4 carries unless White Jenkins or Gonzo have a mismatch.

RB Norwood crazy legs- coming off concussion I imagine he wont be running kicks or get much inside running duty but some tosses and receptions. I like him as a return specialist and would have liked to seen him at punts. He should get a lot of screens and draws, and be a key hot route/dump off receiver for Ryan as he can turn a loss into a 1st down with his burst. Id also like to see him in the slot or out wide to put pressure on the defense deep with his speed

FB Mughelli-like the o line needs to start opening up some holes. should also start contributing as a runner like leron mclain in baltimore where he came from. should develop receiving skills also hed be open pretty often

TE Gonzalez-needs to get more involved early, on 3rd downs, in the red zone and on blitz hot routes. Against the 49ers we should work to get him involved against OLB Parys Harylson and SS Michael Lewis. If they bring OLB Manny Lawson over to cover him (240lbs) just run right at him with RT Clabo (330lbs). Should make an effort to get him atleast 10 catches in this matchup.

WR White-needs to make his prescence felt more on 3rd down and in the red one. Has a hard matchup against Nate Clements, shouldnt force the ball versus him, try lining him up on the opposite side of the field, in a bunch formation, moving him in motion. When coverage is playing off Ryan should audible and zip it out White and let him make a play with his burst. Need to take a lot more shots with him deep and put pressure on the D deep as well as throwing screens for him like Steve Smith

WR Jenkins-needs to get open 1 on 1 on 3rd and in the red zone especially against size mismamtches with his height

OL-Blalock and Clabo are the biggest, McClures pretty small for a lineman. This group played nasty last year but hasnt done much in the run game this year and could see some changes next season. We should focus on power running behind blalock and clabo and pulling clabo and using mughelli and the TEs as well as the big WRs on the edge. if they cant move anyone we need to start getting in space on screens

Offensively our basic plan every week should be to establish the running game with Turner and Norwood (and start introducing carries for Mughelli and Snelling as well) while protecting Ryan and passing off play action to Gonzalez and Jenkins on the short and medium routes and taking shots deep with White. As well as calling screen passes to get the ball to White, Norwood, and Turner in space where they can make people miss or run them over.

We should start expanding the offense IE Turner getting tosses, sweeps, screens, Norwood taking draws, counters but also not letting them key on personnel ie Turner means run Norwood pass so bring in Turner on third and short and run play action etc..

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