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Turner option

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To bring back a wrinkle from the Vick days what if we had White and Jenkins on the edges and Norwood in the slot and ran them all on go routes down the field and had Gonzalez on one side of Ryan and Turner on the other in the shotgun and at the snap Gonzalez released into the snap and Ryan could fake play action to Turner, hand it off to him, throw it to Gonzalez or Turner, or bomb it to one of the deep receivers. If the LB/DE chased Gonzo in the flat it would open up room for Turner to run or catch a pass. If they're playing zone the underneath will probably be covered but someone will be open or alteast one on one in spaace, if they're playing man Gonzo or Turner will be open underneath or they'll be running room

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In the offseason, I mentioned a few times how it'd be cool to line up Roddy and Jenks wide, Gonzo in the slot, and have Turner and Norwood in the backfield at the same time. So, yeah, I agree that it'd be awesome to see them try something like that, but it seems like they would've done it by now.

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