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Pressure packages

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If we leave Coleman at SS and Decoud at FS instead of moving him to FS and Moore to SS we should play Coleman in the box on run downs and let him run blitz and get after the QB.

If we can stop the run and get into third and long using Johnson, Lewis, and Walker at DT we can bring Babineaux in off the bench fresh and slide Anderson or Davis in beside him at DT to use their quickness vs interior o linemen and bring Abe, Biermann and Sidbury off the edge.

At LB we should definately start blitzing Nicholas frequently as well as get Lofton to develop in this aspect. Peterson has had 5 and 6 sack seasons so we have to get him blitzing as well.

I feel Moore would be our most effective blitzing db, I dont think Decoud has the size, Coleman could. We should also get our corners blitzing, especially from the blindsize, we should use Houston and Hill for this, they have the speed to get there when they're not expecting it.

We should try to keep Abraham and Babineaux rested for third down so we can get off the field when it matters and get big sacks or turnovers. If we're not going to tweak the safety lineup we should keep decoud in coverage and bring coleman on blitzes and bring nicholas too, as well as peterson and some lofton. We need to set up third and long so they cant run then we can come out in a 4 man line that has 3 or 4 DEs like (Abe Babs Anderson Biermannm or Biermann, Davis, Anderson, Sidbury etc...) and bring LB and safety blitzes behind that.

Another thing we can do is try a 3 safety look with Coleman and Decoud as the coverage and Moore being closer to a LB and coming on blitzes, we could sacrifice a LB or a DL for this (Abraham-Babineaux-Davis, Biermann-Sidbury-Nicholas, Houston-Hill, Coleman-Decoud,Moore) That would give us DEs Sibury and Biermann lined up at LB to blitz or drop off in a zone so we 'd have potentially 7 pass rushers coming and the QB would have no idea whos dropping into a zone or coming

46 is also something I mentiond in another thread

Another thing we can do is go nickel and have Coleman and Decoud/Brian Williams as the safeties over top, Houston and Hill playing man on the corners and put Moore in the slot and stand Abraham up at linebacker with Nicholas, start Abe on the weakside (over the LT) then switch him to strongside (over RT) with Nicholas before the snap and blitz him (SS takes coverage), as well as blitzing Moore from the slot (Nicholas takes coverage).

Doing things like this will create confusion that our athletes can take advantage of with their speed, this is something you need to do to get defenders coming free, especially with rules that allow holding

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