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FalconsLIFE Madden Franchise (360) Rules

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Alright, I believe everyone here is adults, so I wasn't going to post rules originally, but I got to thinking, what if someone decides to act like a child. So I decided on just a few rules.

- No quitting. Quitting won't be tolerated, and you'll be booted from the league. This is mainly for the player v player games. But I would like to see people play AI games only one time too (Regardless of win/loss) But I understand things happen too. It's pretty clear when someone quits. For example, I was playing the AI last night against the Skins, and I was up 35 - 17 in the final quarter when my power went out. That's viable. If I get a report that you quit, I'm going to talk to you, then probably end up booting you from the league.

- Simulation style play only!!!! This is huge for me especially. You aren't going to see a team (Usually) going for it on 4th and long in the first quarter. Don't do it. Punt it away. If you're within the 40 yard line, and you can't make the field goal, then I can understand going for it, which is fine. But there shouldn't be any issues. There's more rules, but if you have questions about this rule, just post them here or PM me wherever.

- Play your games! If you miss more than 3 games in a row without telling me that you're going to miss, then I'm going to boot you from the league. There's a lot of reasons for this. Example, JR said he'd be able to play occasionally, so if he misses a game here or there, I won't boot him. I'll give extensions by a day or so for people who know they won't get the game in but can that following weekend or whatever.

Free agent rules will be given out in a few days.

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