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New: Tampa Bay Buccaneer Scratch Off Ticket


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In an effort to become mainstream like their NFC South rival Atlanta Falcons the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced the unveiling of their very own scratch off ticket.

The details:

Find the QB symbol and you can finish out the season under center!

Win all 16 prizes should your team remain winless.

Find the 'car' symbol and team orthopedics will give you the red carpet treatment including front row seats to Cadillac Johnson's next knee surgery.

Hit the FRANCHISE symbol to win 50% of team ownership.(4 prizes available)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers reserves and protects its idiotic proprietary copyright and trademark rights in the National Football Leauge, and all graphics associated with any and all Buccaneers Lottery games and stupid promotions. The Buccaneers does not grant the right to use, copy, or reproduce the stupid pirate® logo, any and all game names and all graphics associated with Buccaneers Lottery games and promotions, or any of the copyrighted contents of this information without prior express written permission from an authorized representative of the Buccaneers


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please dont go 0-16.....i need them and the Panthers to win atleast 8 games.....I cant have them with a top 5 pick. Not this years draft.

I honestly don't see it happening. Maybe if the Panthers replace Delhomme, they might have a chance. The Bucs I don't think it really matters what they do.

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I think the 49ers have the Panthers first rounder.

I think your right, for Everette Brown wasn't it?

The Panthers are one good QB away from being back to 12-4, so I'm glad they don't have that 1st rounder.

The Bucs though? They need help EVERYWHER!!! Give them the #1 overall!

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