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Week 8 October 25, 1998


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The Falcons were 5-1 suffering their only loss in a smacking to the NFC West favorite 49ers. The offense got off to a slow start winning our first two games by 10 points and had less than 100 yards total rushing in both games. By week 3, after the bye, our O was clicking but we still lost the game 31-20. (I remember that game not being as close as the score.)

By week 8 though our O was putting up over 300 yards total per game and well over 100 yards rushing per game. When we got to New York we had injuries JA32 was playing hurt and Steve DeBerg and Tony Gaziani had to fill in for Chandler. In the end we lost 28-3.

After the loss we broke out and won our next 11 including the playoffs. We all know how that ended. So what does it all mean? It's kind of eerily familiar to last weekend's loss.

On the road vs. a very good AFC East team in a hostile environment.

98 vs. Jets

22-55 yards rushing

16-34-203 yards passing

3 pts.

09 vs. Pats

17-58 yards rushing

17-28-199 yards passing

10 pts.

So will the loss to the Pats be a rallying cry for victory?

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Even though one season of 11 years ago is completely unrelated to this one I appreciate the comparison. The fact is there were problems on all 3 phases of the game. This was a wake up call. Couple that with 2 weeks to make adjustments, players back healthy, and more talented players up to speed put me down as someone saying this team will improve greatly.

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