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Rumor per George Michael 106.7 in D.C.


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if the dolphins wanted vick they had every opportunity to get him but failed to do so. their loss. i doubt the eagles let vick go anywhere now that garcia is gone.

I think it's unlikely too - Reid likes his gimicks - for right or wrong.

But Garcia's always just a phone call away (for now anyway). He asked to get released from Oak - it wasn't Cable's decision, he just honored Garcia's wishes. I guess there's always the chance Garcia could change his mind and go back - or go to a place like Cleveland....we'll see.

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it is a pretty good point. Garcia>Vick and they wouldn't have to give up anything for him. Is Henne ready? No way is White ready.

Because they already traded for Thigpen...and Garcia has never shown that much outside of a WCO system (SF/Phil/TB).

They may want more wildcat options. If so, Vick could be an option - and White could always move to WR.

Either way, I don't see this deal happening....

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