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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1:40:20 pm Falcons LB Mike Peterson said losing to New England will hopefully open the team's eyes as the season moves along. "You grow up from it," he said. "When you go against a veteran team that's won a lot of games you learn from it. When it's Week 13 we'll look back on that game and see where we are from there."

1:38:53 pm Falcons RB Michael Turner said he expected teams to key on the run this season. His solution is to just grind out more yards and move the chains. "We expected that, it's really nothing new," Turner said. "But football is a game of inches and we have to work on that."

1:38:04 pm Falcons QB Matt Ryan thinks the team just needs to execute better. "I don't think there are any concerns," Ryan said. "Obviously defenses are bringing men down in the box. But it doesn't matter how we get it down the field as long as we win - whether it's running or passing."

1:37:10 pm Falcons RT Tyson Clabo said defenses aren't doing anything different against the run, adding that the offense has been really close at times to getting the run game moving. "We saw eight-man boxes at times," Clabo said. "We know what to do with our assignments. We watch it and it's that close. And we're going to get it right."

1:36:04 pm Falcons WR Roddy White said the team's early bye week will help with the early offensive troubles. "We get to fix the things we messed up in the first three games," White said.

1:35:25 pm After looking at film, Falcons WR Roddy White said the troubles on offense come down to cohesive execution. "Sometime it's 10 people doing their job and one not," White said. "So we all got to get on the same page."

1:33:28 pm Falcons FB Ovie Mughelli said he still thinks Atlanta's running game ranks with the best in the NFL, despite averaging just 92.3 rushing yards per game. "We feel we're still one of the best running teams in the league," Mughelli said. "And we've got to act like it."

1:32:05 pm Falcons FB Ovie Mughelli said he thinks the running game's slow start has more to do with the Falcons than the opposing defenses. "I think it's more us," Mughelli said. "We've gone over the tape. We've seen so many yards left on the field."

1:30:57 pm The Falcons running game is off to a slow start, but coach Mike Smith said RB Michael Turner isn't to blame. "I think Michael is running very hard," Smith said. "That was a great season he had last season and it's our intention to duplicate that this season."

1:27:00 pm The Falcons have had trouble running the ball and stopping the run early this season. And that's something coach Mike Smith says will be addressed this bye week. "We feel we should run the ball and stop the run," Smith said. "And we haven't done that well on both sides of the ball."

1:26:32 pm Falcons RB Jerious Norwood (head) said he had a concussion in Week 2 against Carolina, forcing him to sit out against New England. He did say he should be able to play against San Francisco next week.

1:25:39 pm Falcons RB Jerious Norwood said he felt more tired than usual, had minor headaches and felt more pressure in his head due to his concussion in Week 2.

1:25:08 pm Against Carolina two weeks ago, RB Jerious Norwood said he felt confused after being hit on a kick return, causing his concussion. However, he didn't realize it and went in for two plays before being pulled from the game. "I came to the sideline asking everyone what happened," Norwood said. "...I really didn't know what I was doing," he added when asked about playing the two plays after the hit.

1:24:22 pm Falcons RB Jerious Norwood said he has had four concussions in his career - two this year (against Carolina and in the preseason against San Diego), one at Mississippi State and one prior to college. Norwood was asked if he was worried about the long-term affects. "I really don't worry about it," he said. "I try not to think about it. As a RB I'm going to take a lot of hits. ... Hopefully I don't get any more concussions."

1:23:16 pm This week's bye is the earliest bye Falcons coach Mike Smith has experienced. Instead of taking the week off, Smith said Atlanta will be in training camp mode. "We're approaching it differently than we would if it was a mid-season one," he said.

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Yeah, he leads with his head a lot when he runs. They're going to have to teach him to keep his head up when he hits, and to go out of bounds sometimes. I hate it for guys when they get concussions.

He also needs to get one of those Revolution helmets to cut down on the concussions.

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