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I love EA Sports, i really do but...

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I am a huge supporter of EA sports but 2K has got their number when it comes to Basketball and Baseball. Ive been i supporter of 2k basketball and always kept the door open for Live. Just played both demo's and 2K came out on top again!MLB 2k is also good, im not even a big baseball guy i still have fun playin MLB 2k8!EA u got Football no dout, but 2K has Basketball hands down.

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Man NCAA College basketball 2K8 is still the best BBall game to date....Sorry...Dynasty mode is the best franchise\dynasty mode of any game. The way you can develop, players and your program is fantastic.

u mean College Hoops. I was pissed when I found out they weren't making 2k9 last year, there's no 2k10 either this year. EA basketball games are garbage.

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I think EA does good on the March MAdness title.

I bought March Madness once and sold it like a week later. College Hoops is wayyy better. Madden and NCAA used to be great, they stopped improving Madden with 06.a and both haven't been nearly as fun to me since they came out for 360 and PS3. I stopped buying Live with 06 also, and bought 2k7 and have been in love with 2k ever since. Madden 10 is the only recent Madden that plays decently but all the modes are watered down and stripped down of everything. NCAA is fun though, not many complaints there except maybe player customization, but that's no biggie. I just wish my player wasn't forced to be bald headed lol

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