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Dumb Posts about our O and D Line

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are starting to bug me. we spent a first round pick on a DT who will be back next year and a DE in the 4th who will be hearing pro bowl chatter about him within the next 4 years, along with a 2nd round pick in babineaux and a first rounder in abraham, and they have all so far shown at least glimpses (for Peria and Lawrence) of their potential. and for our o-line we have a first rounder who started from day 1, 2 undrafted players on our right side who have had pro-bowl worthy years, and an 11 year veteran at center.

in my opinion the only real "weakness" we have is at the Cornerback position, where its true we dont have a pro bowl 10 int a season player out there, but we have at least 5 players who could start at least at nickel back on almost any team in the nfl. Chris Houston i feel probably has the most raw talent of the group, but is also probably the most inconsistant of the bunch. brent grimes is a playmaker and one of the most athletic people on the team, but he lacks experience. chevis jackson is a player i really like and he has great instincts, but he doesnt have the top speed to man up on a steve smith consistantly without safety help. Chris Owens is our third round draft pick, and he again is a player with loads of talent and potential, he just needs expenience. Brian williams i think is going to be more of a veteran presence for the team to help out our young corners rather than a long term starter past this year. and ty hill is a speedster we got from st. louis who doesnt have the best instincts or awareness, but he makes up for it in athleticism and pure speed. all in all we have a very good group of athletic individuals but no one really stands out, which may be all we need to get our defense to the next level. people didnt give our defense credit at the start of the season, but bringing in mike peterson was probably almost as vital to this team as bringing in gonzalez. he has already helped out curtis and stephen raise their game to the next level, and our defense ripped miami to shreds when they came into the season with real high hopes. people will probably discredit us at the end of the year because miami will have a horrible record with chad out for the season, but that was a very good offense we faced week 1, and we completely shut them down until the 4th when the game was already over. im so excited for the rest of the season to see how well our defense plays against our tough schedule this year.

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