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Our Defense would be better, if the Jerry Didnt go Down!


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With Jerry In our Run Defense just Looked Better!

Carolina and the Dolphins were running teams.

I like Every Player on D all the way down to the Rook Owens,

but they are All so Young,

One mis-step by one just Cost us More than Other Teams, Right Now

but They will all Get better and They will All be around a While!

The Champs Pat O was misfiring ,

but we stuck with them for a Half at their House 10-10

and We arent even near our Peak Yet!

One day the Falcons Defense Will be The Fastest, Baddest,

and the Great TD will get a BIG BAD DL!

I would Panic like all the rest, but I always go into the Season with Real Low Expectations,

Last Year, I just wanted to Win One game,

so we wouldnt end up like Det.

End of Season I was Grinning Ear To Ear!

This Year with Our Hard Schedule, Young D

I set it at 7-9, so I am Hoping for 8 wins!

Should be Easy to Obtain









Anyway, I hate Losing Jerry I was Just start'in to Like the Dude!

I Hope,

He Comes Back Stronger and Meaner than Ever-

I didnt write this to get You Talking about bringing in DT Dorsey,

With Dorsey Going Rate getting lower every week at DE

it might get around just 3rd round Selection at the end of the Season

Even though TD did personally like him a lot at 3 Overall!

Anyway, Our Defense Will get Better- Decoud, Lofton, Coleman, Davis, Babs, Houston, Nich, Beerman, Etc

They have been Popping some Peeps!


Plus, I cant wait to see Moore and Sid after the Bye

Just Drink a Beer sit back and Watch the D Improvement!

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He really didn't make an impact, yet.

I think his injury hurts our rotation more than anything.

Where is this great Trey Lewis everyone was talking about?

Yea but in that rotation wasnt he on the field around 85% of the Time?

If You go Look at Pictures and Film he was around the Ball a lot

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