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We Always Gameplan Too Much on a Team's Strengths

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It seems no matter what coach is in charge we only gameplan for the other team's strengths, what they have done lately.

For Carolina we prepared for the run. They knew we would. and they came out throwing. Delhomme sucks in general, but he had easily his best game this season against us.

For the Patriots we thought it was safe just to stop the air attack? Mike Smith even stated they had to scramble for a new gameplan when they saw the Patriots activate 3 TE's instead of 2. Really??? We weren't prepared for the ground game too??? The Patriots knew we'd do that and they took advantage. I mean they still have Mauroney and Fred Taylor back there.

But teams always gameplan against us for the run....and it has worked pretty well so far. For some reason we dont gameplan to come out throwing the ball...even though we have 3 very good targets to throw to. Every single game we come out trying to force the running game to get going. Even if a team is run first, you have to change it up or you'll get shut down and they have killed us from getting the running game going. Because we don't change up the gameplan.

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We were stuck because we havent develop a 3-4 to go along with our 4-3!

If we switched to a 3-4 once in a while

We could stick with what works best that game!

But, there was no pash rush with a 4-3 last week!

So go to a 3-4 with

Jam, Babs, Davis

Beerman, Lofton, Pete, Abe

Just giving ideas,

That I would like to See,

I dont like just sitting back and taking it up the rear all day doing the same thing

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