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My favorite OT Bulaga will be back


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Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said Tuesday that a thyroid condition put left tackle Bryan Bulaga out of the last three games, but the junior will be back for Saturday’s home game against Arkansas State.

“Bryan Bulaga was cleared (Monday) to resume full activity, including playing, so unless some unforeseen circumstance takes place, I think we’re in good shape there,” Ferentz said at his weekly news conference. “He had a thyroid condition and the good news is it was something that just passes. It could have been a little bit more extensive than that and they’d have to go through a series of checks to make those decisions and what have you.

“But the good news is it’s an illness that hit. It passed in time with proper supervision. He had great care, obviously. The good news is that now that he’s been cleared, we don’t anticipate any further problems. He won’t be on medication the rest of his life or any of that kind of stuff, which was all a possibility at the front end. I think all the drama has been resolved.”

Ferentz said not playing has been very frustrating for Bulaga. “He wanted to be out there playing,” Ferentz said. “It was killing him not to be out there. Now, he gets to get back into action, so we’re really happy for him.”

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