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No Falcons game.. Which game are you looking forward too?

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I will end up following all of the NFC South teams.

And rooting against them.

And the 49er game.

As an amateur scout for the Falcons, I need to get my information straight so I can come tell BVG, Mularkey, and the AFMB EXACTLY what we should do to beat them in two weeks.

I will root for any team playing our rivals.

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Fixed it for ya juice. No need for thanks.

On a side note I think bye weeks this early are ridiculous.

I agree 100% - this is insane - they have barely begun to play. Now they'll have 13 weeks straight with no bye. Sucks for us - but that's the way the league set it for us - so we'll have to deal with it.

I have to admit - I will be rooting for the Jets - but I really have a very strong feeling that the Saints take this one. Drew Brees is ridiculous!

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Wishful thinking with the Saints I guess. Would love to see them lose but I believe that the Jets are due for a loss.

Would also love to see the Lions take it to Chicago!

Baltimore and New England could help one team eliminate any doubts that they are for real.

Josh Johnson starting in Tampa!

Last but not least Favre against Green Bay!

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