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Falcons / Pats Highlights


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Saw some funny stuff was gonna post about but then decided to try to find some silver lining.


0:37 - Awkward moment, Coleman thinks it's Saturday night not Sunday afternoon momentarily.

0:40 - Who knew Superman suited up for the Falcons? Anyone know who that guy is?

0:50 - Coleman makes a very instinctive tackle in an otherwise nauseating attempt by our team to tackle one guy.

1:50 - Turner fumbles, but as you can see 3 guys are coming at him helmet first from 3 different directions.

2:08 - Superman returns! E for effort dude.

2:40 - Grimes makes a sick play to cause an otherwise complete pass to Moss to dislodge. By the way, Abe almost gets to Brady on this one, although while falling.

3:00 - SUPERMAN! Seriously how did we not block one of these field goals?

There were plenty more... but I don't have video of them. O Line looks better than I remember

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