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We have a few road trips coming up soon and I know there are some major tailgate groups (FALCONSROOST, FALCONS BIRDWATCHERS, ETC..)that travel out of town. When were away from home there is no need for us to be scattered around the city, we need to join together in one central location.

My tailgate group has done a lot of leg work trying to get discounted rates for New Orleans and Carolina. If some of you have gotten group rates lets talk about this so we can stay in one location. If some of you have traveled out of town you know it's not a good feeling when it's only 4 or 5 of you walking around town.

This isn't a hard thing to pull together and it can't be done at the last miniute. I know it's a longshot but if we don't try we will never know if we can pull it off. The best road trip I took was to Miami, when I got off the plane Sunday night it was about 200 Falcons Fans walking through the airport. If you could see the look on people faces as we walked by, that was some true Falcons spirit.

So lets stop wasting time and come together and hit the road for 2009... Hats off to the folks that went to NEW ENGLAND....

P.S - To the folks that think were getting a kick back, think again. We do this for FREE, the love of the FALCONS.

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