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3 questions about tailgating at the Dome


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1. What time does lot A open up on the Sundays of the game?

2. Is lot A open up enough to be able to toss around a football or play cornhole?

3. Can you buy a one game parking pass for the orange lot?

I can only tell you that it will be easy to find a good spot the next two weeks. ;)

They probably open up at 8:00 at least. Never bought a pass to that lot. Hope someone can give you better information.

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Not sure Lot A is ever closed. I think the gate watchers or whatever you wanna call them get there about a quarter to 8. I'm in before they are.

Yes there is plenty of room to throw a football around or whatever you want to do.

Don't know or need to know anything about the Orange Lot. Lot A is awesome!

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