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Is Turners Weight the issue?


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I honestly think the OL is during a poor job run blocking, there pass blocking has risen but their run blocking is decrease. I was comparing the lines of the cowboys to ours and I remember seeing them create massive holes, when I think of our lines, I clearly remember McClure getting blowed up at the point of attack.

I even remember one rushing play, McClure got knocked to the side and Turner then got tackled. Now the fumbles, are all on Turner.

Dangerous statement to make right there but a +1'd it :D

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Judging solely on appearance, I couldn't help thinking last year that he was carrying 10-15 pounds of excess weight. On the other hand, if he was above his ideal weight it didn't stop him from having a phenomenal season or being extremely quick for a man of his size - so it shows how little I know.

Only the Coaches will really know if Turner has put on weight, and if so, how much it has affected his speed. We are only 3 games in to the season, our o-line has struggled against 3 good run defenses and Turner is still on course for 1200 yards rushing - so I don't think we have grounds to be too critical.

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Mark Bradley's article from Monday was a pretty accurate description of what went down on Sunday. AJCYet it wasnt what was in the article itself that caught my eye. Bradley is one of few writers that will actually have a dialogue with the people who leave comments on his articles and when people started talking about the lack of a run offense he posted this nugget.Mark BradleySeptember 27th, 20096:14 pmIt’s thought by some that Turner is carrying a few extra pounds. That hasn’t been proved, but I’ve heard it mentioned.Is this something that anyone else has heard? I've not seen a single mention anywhere else about this. The guy looks pretty much the same as last season but his numbers certainly are down. Dont know if the lack of a solid run game is a weight issue or an OL issue but we certainly arent as potent as last season. With so many members here scouring the web for info I tend to look at Bradleys comment with a grain of salt unless it can be corroborated elsewhere. Anyone read anything like this?

I don't think so. Dude looks about the same to me. The difference is the holes he had against some of the sorriest defenses in the league last year ain't there. I told you folks we got a schedule this year.

Watch what he did in the preseason when he had some holes.

The Oline and the Dline better get it in gear. If they don't the curse could live on. Trust me.

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