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As of now, the Falcons are the most over rated offense in the NFL

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The addition of Tony Gonzales has exposed Mularkey's offense for the fraud that it is.

He could be the OC for the 07 pats, and he'd still suck.

We are right back to where we were when Jim Mora and Gregg Knapp was here.

Are you serious dude?

What is the offense supposed to do with 45 offensive snaps? I guess its the offenses fault that the defense cant get teams off the field?

Its not a big deal that Matt Ryan threw a career high 3 TD passes in the 1st half against the Panthers, its not a big deal that we now have 3 targets to convert first downs (Gonzo,White,Jenks)

Its 3 games into the season, this offense is about to click. What ever teams boards you came from why dont you go back?

Since your first post (in the wrong forum by the way) you have done nothing but get negative reps. Maybe thats a clue? :huh:

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