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Why didn't we....

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What the flying f$@k was going on with our play calling? I like Mularkey and think he's usually a good play caller. WTF was going on in Sunday's game?

We threw the ball 28 times and ran the ball 16 times. Are you kidding me? It was rainy and for a while we weren't in any desperation state where we need to catch up in a hurry. But still there were times were we had 3 and outs because we threw it 3 times!

Snelling showed some good hard nose running ability last week and with a combination of Turner and Snelling we would have had a bruising run game that would have worn their team down. I don't get it. the conditions didn't even favor passing so much.

They did a good job defending the run for a good part of the game but that was because they knew when we were running the ball.

Also, I was really pissed off that Smitty wasted that challenge before even confirming with his team upstairs and reviewing the reply. WTF was going on?


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we ran it to much for my taste. atleast for turner anyway. I hate when we keep handing it off to him when he's been going nowhere all game. He's not our only back people.the coaches act like Norwood can only receive.he rarely gets carries.I wish we'd let Ryan air it out more,our receivers are good enough.

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