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Who are you rooting for tonight?


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  1. 1. Who are you rooting for?

    • Panthers
    • Cowboys

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I'm torn; I hate the Cowboys, but a Panthers loss would put them 2 full games behind us in the division race. On the other hand, if the Cowboys can get things together a loss here might be important down the line if we end up needing to get in via the wild card spot. There's also the NFC South vs. NFC East pride angle for those of you who care about that stuff.

Which team are you rooting for?

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We play Carolina 2x, so if they have a good record except for 2 losses to us, it makes our strength of schedule, etc. better.

And as much as I dislike our division rivals, I enjoy when anyone in the NFC South beats the primma donna NFC East.

I wonder if Jerry Jones's head has hit the big screen scoreboard yet.

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I admit it. The only time I can root for the Cowboys is when they are playing the Washington Redskins. So I am rooting for all of the NFC South teams to sweep the Cowboys.

Dang, Peyton you had to mention that. I've already said I hate both teams and enjoy watching the panthers suffer, but you do have a point. I wish they could both lose. I'll have to rethink my hatred motives here. :lol:

Ok, Let me weigh and ponder on that thought :

1st Option - An NFC South teams sweep of the cowboys or

2nd Option - The Carolina Panthers suffering more with another loss...

LOL, Can I buy a vowel? :lol:

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