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If the Rockies and Braves tie and have a 1 game playoff



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  1. 1. Who would it be?

    • Derek Lowe
    • Jair Jurrjens
    • Javier Vazquez
    • Tommy Hanson
    • Tim Hudson

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Assuming all five were rested and able to go, that would be a very tough decision. Lowe and Hudson have the most big game experience (esp Lowe), but have been the weakest two of the five recently. Jurrjens and Hanson have never pitched in a game like that, and Vazquez does not enjoy a good reputation in big games (although Bobby would never act like that spoiled toddler Guillen).

Vazquez has been our most consistent pitcher this season, and deserves a chance at it. Back in April, I would have never thought I would choose Vazquez...

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Ah, very nice topic. For me, the decision would be easy: Javy gets the nod.

Hanson, although he pitches sometimes like a vet, is still a rookie, Lowe allows too many runs, Hudson is still getting his sea legs (arms?) under him, and JJ would probably be my second choice.

And since JJ has more big game/pressure experience between him and JJ, I am going with Javy.

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one thing I don't expect Bobby to do (because he hasn't played with this mentality in the past), but I WOULD do..... is give the starting pitcher 5-6 strong innings, then put in another of our strong starting pitchers..... Javy goes 5, JJ goes 3, Soriano closes.......

I still remember back when Russ Ortiz was one of our frontline starters, and Bobby didn't put him in because he was saving him for the next game..... we were eliminated and never got to that next game.

Play like there is no tomorrow. Because..... there isn't.

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