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I might get flamed for saying this


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Why not let JA98 play more passing downs?

Isn't this his chance to have a breakout year?

Didn't seemingly everybody around him say he was in the best shape he has ever been in?

Didn't Chuck Smith say he thought he would have a breakout year?

He has came out on seemingly every passing down and has not really had a chance to play in a situation where it is known that the other team will pass.

We have not gotten a sack in two full games. What do we really have to lose? Why not see if he has really made any strides in that department.

I'm not saying eliminate Biermann, but split some of those 3rd down situations and see if we will have use for JA98 in the future.

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we got 1 sack vs carolina.

and anderson has 2 career sacks in 34 career games. biermann has 4 career sacks in 19. i'd go with biermann. and just because JA98 doesn't get in on obvious passing downs doesn't mean he doesn't get to rush the passer. there are numerous plays where they throw the ball and biermann or davis isn't in and anderson gets his shot. problem is that there's still a 0 in the sack column.

not hating, but it's about production. you want your best players out there on every play like smitty preaches. anderson is not our best pass rusher on obvious passing downs.

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well, he cant do much worse than biermann and abraham did sunday.

abraham had a chance at a sack but just didn't finish and was ultimately manhandled by matt light.

biermann... biermann? i saw him make some plays against the run, but WHERE was the pressure?

also, there's a reason why he doesn't play passing downs. did you see that roughing penalty he had against him? he may have roughed him, but good ******* lord if you're going to rough the guy at least rough the **** out of him. instead, he tried diving at brady (or something like that) and he barely moved him.

go ahead, neg rep me *****.

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Just so you know, Jamaal is in there on passing plays too. Its not like the opponents are telling us run or pass before the play :). Either way, Jamaal is a terrible pass rusher. The coaches sure seem positive that he will never be able to be an effective pass rusher with his lack of ability and athleticism.

I think its far more likely that Sidbury sees an increase in his number of snaps. That kid looks like a John Abraham clone in body size and type. He also has a great motor and speed. Also, dont count out KB71. He will get back on track. A high motor guy with his determination will not be denied.

All in all, just say no to more JA98

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I hope Sid gets a shot soon, we hardly did anything defensively yesterday, I'm wondering if it's due to the absence of Jerry

I was thinking the same thing. Since the season started, Mike Smith never had to get on Peria like he did on Johnson yesterday. Did you see him getting all up in his giggy yesterday?

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A problem we are having is that we are not bringing in extra pressure from the line backers or secondary. It is very unlikely that you will get to the QB when you play the Oline of the Pats or Panthers by rushing 4. It just is not going to happen. You have to have a real special defensive line to be able to rush 4 and get pressure consistently. I think you look across the NFL, the best sack teams are the ones who bring pressure from all three groups of the defense. We need to start doing the same

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